The Marbella Health and Neurosciences Institute (iDN+S) is the result of many years of collaboration between Dr. Lucía Pérez-Costillas and Dr. Aurora Gavino-Lázaro in clinical practice and scientific research fields.

After more than two decades of collaboration, a lot of care and time, they decided to bring together all their knowledge, expertise, and know-how in the mental health field to create the iDN+S. Both, Dr. Perez-Costillas and Dr. Gavino-Lazaro have put together a team of top professionals specialised on different areas of clinical psychology and psychiatry.

Among our team strengths, you will find that we are highly specialised professionals with a great amount of knowledge and know-how, with international practice, and with experience in the leadership and coordination of healthcare teams. Above all, we are a highly dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals that thrive to provide the best personalised attention to our patients.

iDN+S is not another business start-up in the healthcare industry. iDN+S is a continuation of the work done between two of the most prestigious doctors in Spain, Dr. Perez-Costillas and Dr. Gavino-Lázaro. iDN+S builds on their experience, professionalism, and humanity, and adds the dedication and enthusiasm of the best possible team.

Health and Neurosciences Institute

iDN+S Marbella is a team of clinical psychology professionals, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, with many years of experience and highly motivated. Our team will work for you and with you to help you.

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a space to learn and reflect, it is a pause to find and redirect yourself, it is a time to be listened and to be accompanied by. Therapy is a change process that will help you feel better.

About Us

At iDN+S we combine several work approaches to be able to offer our help with the maximum quality guarrantee and efficiency.


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