Our team of Psychologists and Psychiatrists was created with an international and leadership approach in mind. All our team members share one same culture, which is to provide a solution to any of the patient’s psychological and clinical problems.

When a new patient comes to iDN+S Marbella, he/she is assigned to a specialist and their progress evaluated in our weekly team meetings. The experience and knowledge of every team member provides an invaluable richness to diagnosis and intervention, providing our patients with the personalised attention and treatment they deserve.

Over the years, we have become leaders in the diagnosis of difficult cases, pluripathological cases, second opinions, and a wide range of day-to-day problems. The collaboration with other professionals has always been a constant in iDN+S and, as a result, we have created a group of national and international consultants, leaders and renowned professionals in the healthcare field.

Everyone in iDN+S Marbella shares the same values: empathy with the patient, close attention to understand their needs, use of therapeutic treatments scientifically validated by the most up to date results, and strict compliance with Deontological laws.

The above qualities, vast experience, training, and availability, consolidates iDN+S as a prestigious and professional team in treating mental illnesses and psychological problems. Our psychologists and psychiatrists are professionals in various areas of the clinical practice, research and teaching fields.


Experience and Prestige

Backed by more than 25 years of clinical experience in clinical centres, hospitals, and universities of several countries (e.g., France, Spain, USA, The Netherlands).

Rapid response and anticipation

We offer full availability and can accurately plan future capacity. We know that psychological problems affect the person in its entire vital trajectory, so the agility to establish a correct psychological and/or pharmacological treatment is a main value to achieve success.

Ethics and Independence

Our team is guided by strict deontological principles and our internal ethics code. This warrants confidentiality and a personalised treatment to each of our patients.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Confidence and empathy are the basis in the relationship with our patients. Our objective is to adapt to our patients needs and offer personalised monitoring in each specific case.

Technical skills and specialization

We understand the continuous education of our professionals as a strategic value. Our team is comprised of experts in their areas within the mental healthcare field. We believe in a collaborative approach to our work and hold regular interdisciplinary videoconference calls with our consultants, who provide us with access to, for example, genetic tests, neuroimaging, and electroencephalographic tools. As a result, we can adapt to the newest and highest diagnostic and clinical standards.


iDN+S Team has the pleasure to announce that we are back to business as usual and our offices are open for face to face consultations

Online consultations will still be available

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