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At iDN+S we carry out group interventions directed at individuals with social interaction, family, or work problems.

Our team members are specialists in family and couples therapy and carry out a wide range of interventions depending on the problem at hand.

Amongst the group interventions that we offer are:

  • Social skill groups
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programmes aimed at reducing depressive and anxiety symptoms.
  • Group interventions aimed at improving team management and leadership skills.
  • Psychoeducational groups aimed at bipolar disorder (treatment, learning to live, diaries).
  • Parent´s school aimed to tackle several problems: new technology addictions, bullying, behavioural disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and suicide prevention.
  • Perinatal psychology groups. Pregnancy, delivery, birth, and the first years in the life of the child are critical stages from a neurological, hormonal and psycho-affective development of the infant. We offer group interventions where we dive deep into psychoeducational aspects and assess parents on how to cover the different needs and demands in each life stage.

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