Solidarity letters

Solidarity letters

The world is facing a tragedy like never seen before. This situation has moved a lot of souls and many people are contributing in altruistic ways to help those directly affected by covid-19. People from every corner of the world are sending support messages to those affected with the objective of offering support to those in need.

Amongst those altruistic initiatives we would like to highlight one that is directed to supporting the elderly. The population above 80+ is the group that faces the highest risk against the coronavirus as the illness is said to affect them more than younger groups of the population. Due to the general lockdown, these people living in elderly houses are being locked down too and their families are unable to visit them. Unfortunately, this means they are facing this situation without the support of their families and loved ones.

In Malaga (one of the regions worst hit by the outbreak), the retirement house Ballesol has created an email where everyone can send letters of support to the elderly people living there. The email is All they ask is for you to put the name of the residence you would like to send the letter to on the subject of the email.

Every little helps and we will all get out of this together.

The iDN+S Marbella Team


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