The Team

The Marbella Health and Neurosciences Institute is composed by a team of professionals coming from different scientific disciplines. All of them specialised in different areas of mental healthcare and psychological assistance.

Aurora Gavino - IDNS

Aurora Gavino

PhD in Psychology from University Paris V, European Psychotherapy Specialist (EFPA), Specialist in Clinical Psychology with special mention from Spanish Ministry of Science and Education.

Lucia Perez IDNS

Lucía Pérez

PhD in Medicine and Surgery and Psychiatrist. Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Málaga University. Clinical Medical Rotary Coordinator.

Ainhoa Otamendi- Psicologa - IDNS

Ainhoa Otamendi
PhD in Psychology

PhD in Psychology (Extraordinary Award) from Málaga University. British Psychological Society (BPS) certified. Specialist in Systemic Family Therapy.

Enrique Garrido IDNS - psicologia

Enrique Garrido

BA in Psychology from Málaga University. Masters Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and Masters Degree in General Health Psychology, both from Complutense University of Madrid.

Lidia Colmenero - Psicóloga - IDNS

Lidia Colmenero

BA in Psychology from Málaga University. Masters Degree in General Health Psychology from Málaga University.

Pedro Heredia - Psicologo - IDNS

Pedro Heredia

BA in Psychology from Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (ICADE-ICAI). Master Degree in Social and Organisational Psychology from London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).

Oscar Godoy Coach nutricional

Oscar Godoy

Expert in Nutritional and Health Coaching from Universidad Oberta de Cataluña. Health Nurse in the National Mental Healthcare Service of Andalucia.


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